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To assist an individual in achieving and sustaining as well as maintaining a certain level of health status to further facilitate them
in leading a productive lifestyle - economically and socially.
This could be materialised by introducing or providing a promotional and preventive approaches, other than an efficient treatment
and rehabilitation services, which is suitable and effective, whilst priorities on the less fortunate groups.

Vision & Mission


 A nation working together for better health.


 The mission of the Ministry of Health is to lead and work in partnership:

 i. to facilitate and support the people to:
  • attain fully their potential in health
  • appreciate health as a valuable asset
  • take individual responsibility and positive action for their health
 ii. to ensure a high quality health system that is:
  • customer centred
  • equitable
  • affordable
  • efficient
  • technologically appropriate
  • environmentally adaptable
  • innovative
 iii. with emphasis on:
  • professionalism, caring and teamwork value
  • respect for human dignity
  • community participation

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