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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get a specialist treatment?
  First, one need to be physically examined by any of the medical officer (MO) at any of the health clinics or hospitals (government or private), prior being referred to any specialists, for further treatment.
2. How much will be an admittance charges or deposits (RM) needed for any Malaysians and foreigners to admit at any of the government’s hospital ?
  For these two categories of patients, the authorithy do practiced two different regime quantum of deposit (RM) required. In short, it will commensurate entirely on what type of disciplines or services rendered. For all Malaysians, a sum of RM 30.00 is needed for medical or surgical case and a sum of RM15.00, is needed for gynaecology case. Whereas, for all foreigners, a sum of RM1100.00 is needed for medical or surgical case and a sum of RM800.00, will be imposed for gynaecology case.
3. Who might be eligible for hospital’s bill exemption or discount?
  In this country, exemption of any charges of the hospital’s bill (at all governments hospitals & clinics), is granted for all types of infectious diseases or illness. For those who are earning below RM300.00/month, or holder of Social Welfare or National Islamic Council (MAIK) card, disable person, students and government servants, a special discount or waive of charges, could also be considered.
4. Are patients charged when admitted with any of the infectious or communicable diseases ?
  No! Patients will not be charged any fee when admitted with any infectious or communicable diseases.
5. What are the documents required to qualify for exemption of charges or waived charges when seeking for treatment/s or warded at any government’s hospital ?
  Any of these documents, i.e ; Social Welfare Card, Government Pension Card, Letter from School or an Endorsement Letter (Guarantee Letter – from government body).
6. What does it mean by an emergency case that requires a treatment at Emergency Department ?
  All emergency cases including accidents that happened at road, workplace or home. Beside that asthmatic patients, heart attack cases, fainted, snake bites, burns, epilepsy, bleeding genitilia, food poisoning and acute or severe stomach pains, are also categorised as emergency cases.
7. Will any next-of-kin (to the aptient) allowed to be with them in the ward ?
  Yes, they are allowed ! However, it is restricted to the closest next of kin, e.g ; mother / father or guardian, if the patient is a minor. For adult patient, permission is merely given to those in serious condition (patient in ICU or CCU ward), only with the same gender.
8. Will hospital be held liable for any untowards incidents befall to patient’s or next- of-kin’s property, such as car theft or et cetera ?
  No ! The hospital’s authority will not be liable for any losses of patient’s or next- of-kin’s property. Hence, they are strongly advised not to bring along with them any valuables whilst in the hospital’s premise (accompanying the patient).
9. What are the qualifications required for admission to nurses training college ?
  Lower Secondary Certificate of Education (PMR) or eqiuvalent for a certificate in nursing while for Diploma Nursing course, an applicant is required to possessed :-
  1. Five (5) credits in SPM, in these subjects - Science, Mathematic, Malay & English subject ;
  2. Physically and mentally sound ; and
  3. Positive attitude
10. How to determine that cosmetics product are safe for consumption?
  All cosmetic products must be notified with the National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau before its’ being imported/manufactured and marketed in Malaysia. For more information on safety status of the products and notifying under National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau, one could surf
11. What are the guidelines for management of medical equipment maintenance Planned Preventive Maintenance used in hospitals and private clinics ?
  All hospitals and clinics do refer to “MS 2058 : Code of Practice for Good Engineering Maintenance Management of Active Medical Devices’, as their guidelines of management of maintenance for the medical equipment. This standard could be obtained from SIRIM Bhd.
12. Should all food products registered with the ministry?
  No, NOT all food products should be registered with the Ministry. However, all food products must adhere to the Food Act 1983 and the Food Regulations 1985.
13. What are the procedures to obtain an approval in marketing herbal medicine?
  Any herbal product marketed in Malaysia, must first registered with the Drug Control Authority. Registration of product is subjected to adherence of Drug & Cosmetic Regulations 1984, Drug Registration Guidance Document (DRGD Appendix 12) and other relevant requirement, based on category of product being categorised. Application of registration can be done online - National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau (BPFK), QUEST 3.

Herbal products can be categorised as traditional and health suplement products. Beside, relevant forms also available at the website (form section – BPFK-003). Classification of product is done with no cost. The Authority of Drug Control only register any hebal product that is deemed effective, safe and of high quality. Applications for registration will be denied or rejected, should the infomation/s given is/are incorrect or not to the satisfactory of the authority.

More information could be obtained by surfing a BPFK’s website :
14 Can foreigners invest and operate private healthcare facilities in Malaysia ?
  In general, MOH welcomes Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in private health care sector.  However, foreign equity threshold differs based on type of healthcare facilities as shown in Table 1 below.
  Table 1 : Policy on Foreign Equity Participation in Private Healthcare Facilities
  Note: For healthcare facilities not listed above, foreign equity participation will be considered on case by case basis.
  Effective Date: 29 July 2015
15 Are all schemes of service in Ministry of Health (MOH) involved with the Civil Service Examination? 
  All schemes of service which have stipulated that the Civil Service Examinations as one of the conditions for confirmation in service, staff have to undertake the said examination either organized by the Public Services Department (PSD), the Ministry of Health, Malaysia or with any other Ministry which allows for candidates to take it with that particular Ministry. At this juncture, the Competency Development Division (CDD) of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia undertakes the Departmental Examination for Functional Subjects for 15 schemes of service under the Ministry of Health whilst for the Generic Subject, candidates have to sit for the examination with the Competency Management Branch, Service Division, PSD. All staff may refer to the terms and conditions of service in their Offer Letter. Further information on the dates of the Civil Service Examinations, please refer to Competency Development Division’s portal : http:// 
16 How many Civil Service Examination papers have to be undertaken by candidates from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH)? 
  The list of Departmental Examinations as well as examination papers which have to be undertaken by the candidates can be obtained and viewed through the MOH,Competency Development Division’s portal : http://  
17 At present, what are the current competency assessment methods being utilised for civil servants? 
  The Potential and Competency Development Intergrated Programme is a new assessment method has been suggested to replace the Competency Level Assessment (CLA). However, the implementation of the Potential and Competency Development Intergrated Programme has been put on hold in view of the cancellation of the New Civil Service Remuneration Scheme. Public Service Department (PSD) is currently reviewing the Malaysian Remuneration System (SSM) whereby PROSPEK is one of the items in focus. 
18 Do staff have to submit their yearly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit points to the Competency Development Division (CDD),MOH? 
  At present staffs are not required to submit their CPD credit points to Competency Development Division, MOH, due to the cancellation of PTK on 1st. January 2011. However, according to the Letter from the Office of the Deputy Director General of Health (Medical) ref. KKM/87/P2-1/10 Jld.5(81) dated 9 January 2012, stated that all State Medical Departments/Divisions/Institutions have to submit the yearly achievement of credit points report of all staff to the to the CPD Secretariat at the State Medical Departments/Divisions/Institutions level, for records and monitoring purposes.  
19 Can the Competency Level Assessment (CLA) results still be used for service purposes? 
  The Competency Level Assessment (CLA) results can be considered as one of the criteria in job promotion, if required by the Human Resource Division, MOH. However, these results does not determine the salary increment for the year 2011 onwards when PTK was cancelled. 

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