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MOH Logo

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Corporate Culture








The White Background
Signifying (Symbolises) the importance of cleanliness , sincerity and seriousness of the Ministry of Health Malaysia  work force on the job

The Hand Touching The Heart
Symbolizing the gentleness, warmthness and concerns on the job carried-out

The Heart
Testament (Symbolizes) of spirit and commitment of the Ministry of Helath work force to enhance the quality of services

The Hand
Indicate (Symbolizes) the sincerity and willingness to help

Core Values
Emphasising (Highlighting) the principles on the job executed


We Care (We’re Ready To Help)

We’re  - Ministry of Health Malaysia work force working as a team to achieve common goals

Ready (Sedia) – Ever ready to render a service, professionallly

To Help – Sincere in the course of rendering an assistance and services



We’re committed to serving with ultimate care and friendliness. We’re ready to respect individual rights, and provide a courteous and responsive services. We’re responsible to provide a customer -friendly service.

We’re committed to provide the best services such as ethical, standards of work and principles of responsible members. We believe in rendering excellence service at all time and ever ready to fulfil people’s hope.

We’re commited to work harmoniously as a team to achieve common goals.


We Care (We’re Ready To Help)

  • We’re commited to your needs

To ensure a fair, friendly, respectful and caring services

  • We carry out our plan

We promise the highest level of professionalism in all sphere of our service delivery

  • Dedicated to our job

Working as a team to further enhance a productivity and improve efficiency




We’re committed to provide services to each patient with a sense of warmth, honesty and sincerity

We’re committed to provide effective services by being professionals, diligent, approachable and courteous

We’re committed to work as a team to ensure services provided are efficient, effective and productive


We hereby pledge  ;

  • To give the best services, friendly and professionally 
  • To provide services regardless of ranks, race or religion 
  • To work efficiently, effectively and productively as a team 
  • Ready to assist with all sincerity and responsibly 
  • Committed to achieve the ministry’s goals 

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