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Tajuk The Star - Rat Attack In Hospital
Akhbar The Star
Tarikh Siaran 10-04-2015
Kategori Aduan akhbar
Dikeluarkan Oleh Dr Balachandran a/l Satiamurti (Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri, Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Selangor)
Maklum Balas In response to the article, the State Director and the Management of HTAR, Klang would like to thank the press for their concern on the issue raised. Pest control in and around the hospital is under the responsibility of the Concessionaire company for hospital support services The Management of HTAR has highlighted the need for the control of pest in the hospital to the concession company. Unfortunately, due to their problem with their pest control contractor the issue relating to control of rodents in and around the hospital was not manages satisfactorily. It was unfortunate that the patients had to go through an unpleasant time whilst in the ward. Despite heavy workload, the hospital staffs have and will continue to give their best for patient’s care and comfort. Nevertheless as of 1st April 2015 with the signing of the new contract and the engagement of a new pest control contractor, the hospital management was given the assurance by the concession company that better pest control is being carried out. The concession has already instituted several immediate indoor and outdoor pest control measures which include setting of traps, glue boards in the wards and baiting around the hospital. Other maintenance issue under the responsibilities of the concession company is also being reviews and followed-up closely. In addition to the above the hospital management has also taken other steps to control the situation. These include the control of leftover food and cleanliness in the wards. The nursing personnel have been instructed to be more vigilant and to enforce strict ward management in term of orderliness and cleanliness. The management is also closely monitoring all the initiatives taken by the concession company. It is our greatest hope that with all these measures in place, the problem of rodents in and around the hospital will be taken care of. Thank you