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Tajuk VIEW- Choking over hospital’s high fees
Akhbar The Star
Tarikh Siaran 12-06-2015
Kategori Aduan Akhbar
Dikeluarkan Oleh Deputy Director General of Health (Medical)
Maklum Balas VIEW- Choking over hospital’s high fees The Ministry of Health (MOH) monitors the maximum chargeable fees for both registered Medical and Dental Practitioners practicing in private hospitals based on the fee schedule (Thirteenth Schedule) of the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services (Private Hospitals and Other Private Healthcare Facilities) Regulations 2006 and these Medical Practitioners and Dental Practitioners in private hospitals are required to adhere to this schedule in charging their professional fees such as consultation and performance of procedures. In addition, fees, other than the professional fees, the hospital fees such as fees for accommodation, laboratory investigations, nursing care and procedures, use of equipment and operation room, drugs used and other fees are not regulated. Hence, the total cost of medical treatment at private hospitals are relatively more expensive and comparable with the total cost incurred in a public hospital which is highly subsidised by the Government. MOH is serious in handling any grievance arising from high fees of treatment at private hospitals and would like to emphasize that healthcare should not be treated merely as a commodity and should closely adhere to ethical principles in the provision of healthcare by both private hospitals and professionals. With reference to the complainant dissatisfaction on the high fees charged to him after seeking treatment for an ENT procedure at a private hospital, the hospital is required to manage the complaints including conducting necessary and appropriate investigations to the complainant’s satisfaction. There are provisions under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 and its regulations which require the private hospitals to establish grievance mechanism and procedures to deal with public grievance against the facilities and services provided within the private hospitals. Unsatisfied complainants may forward their complaints to MOH for further investigations at the following address: Director Medical Practice Division Ministry of Health Malaysia Level 3, Block E1, Complex E Federal Government Administrative Centre 62590 PUTRAJAYA Tel: 03-8883 1302 Fax: 03-8883 1328 Email: