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Program Bebas Kesakitan -Bahan Pendidikan

Program Bebas Kesakitan

Bahan Pendidikan

1- Understanding the Pain Ladder and Morphine Protocol for the Management of Acute Pain and Wound Care
2- Correct Usage of Pain Management Tool
3- Our Journey
4- Overcoming Barriers to Cancer Pain Management
5- Incorporating Traditional And Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Into Pain Management in Ministery of Health Hospitals
6- Implementing The PAin Free Services in Primary Care
7- Managing Pain in Rheumatic disease and Challenges
8- Labour Pain Management The Baby Friendly Way
9- Occupational Therapy in Pain Management
10- Pain free at 93
11- Sickening, Grueling or Frightful- It's Time to Do Something!
12- Pain free programe and P5VS- The Dental Experience
13- Pain Free Hospital Concept in MOH Cluster Hospitals, Malaysia
14- Ouch less ED
15- Pain- Let Us Help You
16- Pain Pharmacist- Implementation of Interprofessional Care In Improcing Patient Outcomes
17- Inspiring The Team A Multidisiplinary Approach to Pain Management
 Role of Pharmacist in PFH


Primary Care

1. Back pain management
2. Cancer Pain 2012
3. Case presentation knee pain
4. Chronic Abdominal Pain Management
5. Chronic Headache management
6. Guideline of chronic pain management in  primary care- cancer pain TOT
7. Joint Pain
8. Neck Pain management
9. Neuropathic pain management
10. Opioid_Rotation_–_What_is_the_role_(clean)_(2).pdf
11. P5VS 2016 training module for primary care
12. Physiotheraphy role in Pain Management
13. RAT approach for Primary Care



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