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Caj Rawatan Bukan Warga Negara


Government Hospitals’ Treatment Charges for Foreigners


Government hospitals provide health treatment to foreign citizens according to the Fees Act (Medical) 1951 for Foreigners. Below is a list of treatments provided in government hospitals, and their respective charges:


Outpatient Charges (Schedule FA)
  Types of facility Charges per day (RM)
i) General treatment  
  Outpatient treatment 40
  X-Ray services 15
  X-Ray services (single projection) 40
  Child health services 40
  Obstetric & Gynaecology treatment 40
  Post natal services 40
  Other form of Immunisation services  40
  Immunisation services for adults ( on request) 100
  Yellow fever immunisation 300
  Typhoid immunisation 80
ii) Specialist treatment  
  Outpatient specialist treatment (consultation and medication only; excluding investigations)  
  a) first visit 120
  b) follow-up visit 120
  Obstetric & Gynaecology treatment 15
  Accident & emergency treatment 100
Hospital Charges (Schedule FB)
  Types of facility Charges per day (RM)
i) Ward charges  
  1 bedded room 320 per day
  2 bedded room 240 per day
  3 bedded room and more 200 per day
  Labour room 300 per entry
      Second Class  180 per day
      Third Class  160 per day
ii) Delivery Charges  
  Normal delivery 2593
  Caesarean 3021
  Twins 2593
  Forceps, vacuum or breech 2593
iii) Treatment or procedure charges  
  Dialysis Treatment 120
  Intermitent peritonel dialysis 300
  Mammography 295
  Pap smears 15
  Ultrasound 100
  Electrocardiogram (ECG) with report 80
  Echocardiography 30
  Echocardiogram  200
  Echocardiogram transthoracic 230
  Cardiotograph 120
  Incision & Drainage  275
iv) Radiotherapy charges  
  Radical Radiotherapy 3,000
  Brachytherapy (High dose rate) 3,000
  Brachytherapy (Low dose rate) 2,000
  CT Simulation - Normal ( without contrast) 1,500
  CT Simulation - Complex (with contrast ) 3,000
  Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRT) per fraction 500
  IMRT /  Rapid Arc per fraction 500
  Iodine - 131 theraphy (not Iodine scan) per session 800
Dental treatment charges (Schedule FC)
  Types of facility Charges per day (RM)
  Registration 2
  Intra oral X-ray  
  a) Per X-ray periapical/bite wing 10
  b) Per occusal X-ray 15
  Temporary filling per tooth 15
  Extraction per tooth 20-25
  Filling per tooth 15-35
  Whole mouth scaling 35
  Endodontic treatment per tooth 50-500
  Minor oral surgery 80-200
  Soft tissue injuries 25
  a) Fixed appliances 4,000
  b) Removable appliances 2,500
  Dental specialist outpatient charges  
  a) Referral from Government Dental  
     i) First visit 60
     ii) Follow-up visit 20
  b) Referral from private Government Dental Officer or Medical Officer  
     i) First visit 60
     ii) Follow-up visit 20
  c) Follow-up cases discharged from ward for each visit 20
  Type of Treatment  
  Extraction Permanent tooth 50
  Extraction Desidus tooth 25 
  Extraction-Complication 50 
  Restoration permanent tooth-  single surface 75
  Restoration - deciduous tooth 30 
  Scaling and polishing per arch 214 
  Soft splint 50 
  Crown / veneer - per unit (inclusive of temporary crown but excluding material and laboratory charges) 200 
  Root canal treatment - premolar 200 
  Pulpectomy - per tooth 200 
  Tooth bleaching (external) per arch 500 
  Reimplantation of tooth 200 
   Traditional and Complementary Medicine Services  
  Chronic disease treatment 50 per session
  Post natal massage treatment 50 per session
  Shirodhara 150 per session
  Kiropraktik 150 per session
iv) Radiotherapy charges  
  Radical Radiotherapy 3,000
  Brachytherapy (High dose rate) 3,000
  Brachytherapy (Low dose rate) 2,000
Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Charges
  Types of facility Charges per day (RM)
  Duct, Simple (Patent Ductus Arteriuos, Blalock Taussig, shunt) 7,500
  Complex 10,000
  Coronary Artery Bypass Graft 15,000
  Complex 10,000
  Valve replacement  
  -one valve 15,500
  -Two valve 23,000
  -Three valve 24,000
  Valve repair 12,000
  Aortic Root Surgery  
  -without valve 17,500
  -with valve 21,000
  Thoracic surgery 8,000

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