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CPG - Rheumatology

CPG_current.png CPG-Printed.png CPG-Developed.png CPG-Updated.png CPG-Withdrawn.png
Current CPG < 4 years Being Printed CPG Being developed/updated CPG Need to be Updated Withdrawn
CPG = Clinical Practice Guidelines   QR = Quick Reference  
PIL = Patient Information Leaflet   TM = Training Module  

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No. Guideline Title Full Guideline QR TM PIL Publication Date Status
1. Management of Gout CPG-PDF.png       2008 CPG_current.png
2. Management of Osteoarthritis (Second Edition) CPG-PDF.png CPG-PDF.png CPG-PDF.png   2013 CPG_current.png
3. Management of Osteoporosis  Second Edition(2015) CPG-PDF.png       2015 CPG_current.png


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