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Senarai Laporan Kajian Teknologi Kesihatan (TR)

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No. TajukTahun  
1Computerized Evaluation And Exercise System Complete With Computer (E-Link) for Upper and Lower Extremity2009View
2Colon Hydrotheraphy An Update-Commercial Use2009View
3Corneal Endothelial Stem Cell2009View
4Cell-dyn sapphire2007View
5Changing to theatre clothes among parents accompanying children undergoing surgery2009View
6Capillary regerating trans-derma system (CRTS)2006View
7Cytoluminescent therapy (CLT)2006View
8Cord blood banking2006View
9Cyber knife2006View
10Circumcision clamps 2008View
11Compression stocking for prevention of varicose veins and vein thrombosis among nurses2008View
13Cyrus infection control unit2010View
14Cytotron update2010View
15Cervical Cancer Vaccine2011View
16Cancer microvessel nanomaterial blockage2011View
17Cupping Therapy2012View
18CUSTODIOL? HTK SOLUTION (Multi-Organ Preservation and Protection Solution for Organ Transplantation other than Kidney)2012View
19Card Acceptance Device (CAD) for Patient Identification in Hospital Executive Summary2012View
20Custodial? HTK Solution (Multi-Organ Preservation and Protection Solution for Kidney Transplantation Compared with Eurocollins)2012View
21Ceretom Portable CT Scanner2009View
22Ceretom Portable CT Scanner (An Udpate)2010View
23Colostrum For Cosmetic Purpose And Cell Regeneration2013View
24Collagen For Antiaging Treatment, Enhance Cell Regeneration And Boosting The Immune System2013View
25Colostrum For Cosmetic Purpose And Cell Regeneration2013View
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